Blaze 4-pack

4 x Ferox branded Fuel Saving Tablets. 4 tablets treat up to 80 gallons / 303 liters of fuel. Package size is suitable for one month and one vehicle (regular driving). Patented & EPA Registered.


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Blaze 4-pack

4 Tablets in resealable bag.

Net weight:
0.14 oz / 4g

1 Tablet treat up to 20 gallons (76 liters) of fuel.

Break the tablet in half to treat smaller amounts of fuel, or add additional tablets to treat larger amounts.

Works in all all-combustion engines that burn fuel. Safe to use in all hydrocarbon fuel blends, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol and methanol*

*When applied to methanol, it should be applied several hours before the methanol is used to ensure the tablet has completely dissolved.

Produced by:
Rennsli Corporation in Utah, USA.

If you have more vehicles or machines with combustion engines, or if you drive a lot or want to give away tablets, consider buying one of our larger packages!

Patented & EPA Registered

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