How does it work?

What does it do to the

Find out everything you need to know about how Rennsli-Ferox patented formula works, what it does for your wallet, your car, and the environment.

Improves Combustion

After putting Rennsli-Ferox patented product in the tank, it immediately dissolves and blends with the hydrocarbons in the fuel on a molecular level.

A typical engine develops a temperature curve that goes from 200 °c in the cylinder walls to 1200 °c in the center of the combustion chamber.

Many of the components of the fuels require a temperature higher than 600 °c for optimum combustion.

The treatment works by modifying the activation or combustion energy of the fuel molecules (catalytic effect).

This allows the fuel molecules to burn at temperatures as low as 200 °c, improving the combustion.

Increases power

Burning the fuel more efficiently in the combustion chamber will give you more power with each piston stroke.

One of the first things that is noticed by the users after putting the first tablet into the tank is that the engine is more powerful.

Reduces fuel consumption

The net effect of improving the combustion of the fuel will be that your engine needs less fuel for the same amount of work.

In other words, your engine does not have to work as hard to move your vehicle at a certain speed, giving you more mileage per amount of fuel.

Most users experience fuel savings between 7% and 20%.

It's not magic, just science.

Reduces engine Wear

Incomplete combustion causes carbon build-up in the engines' internal parts.

These deposits are the source of many engine problems, such as excessive fuel consumption, excessive harmful exhaust emissions and high maintenance costs. Problems in fuel and incomplete combustion eventually cause engine failure.

By improving the combustion, carbon particles are eliminated when they are exposed to higher temperatures, burning away existing carbon deposits and preventing new to form.

This extends the life of the oil, spark plugs, filters, and other internal parts which also results in additional savings on maintenance costs.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

Another great benefit of an improved combustion is reduced Harmful Emissions.

The effect of less fuel consumption will, in itself, further reduce emissions.

Also, an optimized combustion process of the fuel will produce less soot as well as smoke as the below video from Rennsli-Ferox illustrates.

Still not Convinced?

Utah based Rennsli-Ferox is the only company to have Patented its fuel catalyst formula in the USA, the European Union, Australia and Canada. It is also Registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Rennsli-Ferox has, since the company was founded in 2008, been selling the fuel catalyst to 26 countries around the world.

The main target for Rennsli-Ferox has been the B2B industry until now. However, due to soaring fuel prices and a growing global concern for the environment, the product is now available, thanks to CFORTH and Blaze EcoTech, in the consumer market. 

If all this sounds to good to be true, we urge you to look up the Patents and the EPA Registration. Or try out the tablets yourself!