About Us

Blaze EcoTech

Blaze EcoTech is a commercial brand belonging to CFORTH LLC (www.cforth.com). CFORTH is an online marketplace with exclusive offers on services and products that rewarding customers for recommending the company to others. CFORTH/Blaze EcoTech is a distributor of a unique fuel saving catalyst which is developed and produced by the Rennsli Corp in Utah, USA (www.rennsli.com). 

Rennsli Corp & Ferox

Established in 2008, Rennsli has shipped their products to satisfied customers in over 26 countries with a focus on the B2B industry. Rennsli Corp has, during the past 15 years, diversified its business, establishing various corporate divisions. One of Rennsli's business divisions is Ferox (www.ferox.com.mx).

Why is the brand name Ferox and not Blaze EcoTech?

During a start-up period, CFORTH/Blaze EcoTech will be shipping the fuel catalyst tablet under the brand name "Ferox". Over time, Rennsli-Ferox products will be branded as "Blaze EcoTech, powered by the Rennsli Corporation". 

About the Ferox Product

The tablets contain Carbon, Hydrogen and a Molecular Combustion Catalyst. The tablet is not flammable. Further, Ferox fuel tablets do not contain detergents, which can cause problems by plugging in filters or injectors, resulting in fuel pump failures. Also, our product will not void an engine warranty because the Ferox fuel tablet does not change any fuel specifications. Note that Rennsli-Ferox has not had a single claim on engine damage since Rennsli was founded in 2008.

US and International Patents and EPA Registration

  • Rennsli-Ferox has patented Blaze EcoTech's fuel saving catalyst in the US, European Union, Canada and Australia.

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